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Good design. is at the heart of any successful exhibition stand. Many other factors have an influence upon that success, but layout, shape, form and overall look are crucial in an environment where your competitors may be in attendance. The competitive edge potentiallyprovided by a well designed and thought out stand is vital.


Complete Dedicated Exhibitions Team Plus CAD Capability 

At Oakmace we have a dedicated design team using the latest 3D CAD software enabling you to fully visualise the design concept. We only show within our gallery a fraction of the hundreds of exhibition stands we have created for, but if you contact us we can show you our full portfolio. Its more than likely that we have experience of designing exhibitions for the precise location you have in mind and so can give you invaluable advice.

We Can Generate Photo Realistic Renderings of How Your Stand Will Look
We can meet you to discuss how we can help and arrange for you to see our superb spacious workshops and you will see the professional standards we work to.  Our CAD design facility can generate photo realistic renderings and design concepts of how we can make your stand gather the maximum impact at your show.
Contact us today and you are sure to be delighted with the services we can offer and you will discover the reason why so many discerning clients who are experienced within the exhibitions industry come to Oakmace Exhibitions.