CAD Capabilitiy

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CAD Capability
Our CAD capability enables us to take your brief and create photo realistic renderings of how your stand design will look at your exhibition.  Our highly experienced designers use the very latest software for exhibition design, and from your brief will incorporate your corporate branding into an innovative bespoke solution.
We dont just use off-the shelf exhibition designs time after time, instead we produce innovative solutions which will set your company apart from the rest.  We will transform your marketing objectives into a three dimensional space which will make you stand out and draw in visitors.
Using our 3D and CAD capabilities means we can quickly create sketches, concepts and images of how your stand will look before building it.  This means that any details can be explored and refined cost effectively to create the best solution for you.  After completion of the exhibition design we can generate CAD drawings for our craftsmen to create the stand in the most cost effective way.