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We are specialist Exhibition designers, Exhibition Contractors and Exhibition builders.  Based in Essex we create and build exhibition stands for venues throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.  We are here to give you ideas and suggest themes that will work well for your industry.

Having designed and built exhibition stands at almost every major exhibition venue within Europe we have a wealth of experience in how to plan your exhibition effectively.  Using our knowledge, experience and expert management team to manage the whole process from start to finish can relieve you of all the pressures leaving you only to attend the exhibition on the day.

Whether a large or small company every client is important to us and we will take time to find out the type of exhibition service you require and will give you the very best advice.  Contact us today and we will be delighted to give any advice you may require for an event or exhibition you are planning.  We start by discussing the goals you have in mind for your exhibition, and how we can make the most of your marketing budget for the exhibition.  We then can advise on the space planning and give advice about the venue.

Remember as one of the leading European exhibition contractors with over twenty years of experience we will almost certainly have built exhibition stands at the exhibition venue you have in mind.  So we have a wealth of invaluable experience which can help us give you the very best advice specifically for how to design, plan and build your stand so you get the very best from your exhibition.

When we plan your exhibition we have a dedicated exhibition planning management team who can take care of all the details and ensure the event run smoothly.  We can undertake the delivery and build of the stand using our own transport fleet.  We will liase with the Exhibition venue to ensure all the small details such as electrics and lighting are correct so that you can relax in confidence that the project will run smoothly.
When we plan your stand we ensure the design will create impact and be designed in such a way that it encourages visitors to look at your exhibition and come over to talk with you, thereby getting the marketing response you want.  Our planning and management team take all the pressure off you leaving you to focus on your pre and post event marketing.
We have a brief checklist for some of the things to remember when planning an exhibition and an exhibition stand contractor. Do contact us today for further advice because we are bound to be able to save you money and advise on how we can store stands and reuse them each year with different styling so that you get more from your investment.
1.  Be clear on what your marketing objectives are for the exhibition. Is it brand awareness, showing a presence, gathering sales leads or meeting existing customers on the stand.  Remember that in advance of your exhibition you can promote your stand to existing customers or it is an ideal time to send out invitations to prospective clients. 
2.  Selecting the best exhibition contractor is the most vital things you can do.  Has the exhibition contractor many years experience, design capability, large purpose built storage and assembly workshops and their own transport fleet?  Remember that to make the most of an exhibition you simply must use an established contractor with many years of experience who can give you advice and guide you through how to make the most of your exhibition.
3.  Can your exhibition contractor provide testimonials and references from past customers and do they have a management team who will ensure that everything runs smoothly?  You should choose an exhibition contractor who has extensive design capabilities so that you can view visuals which show precisely how your exhibition will look before the stands are built.
4.  It is crucial that your exhibition stand contractor has a good reputation within the industry as your brand and your business depends upon it.  At Oakmace we can provide references, a portfolio and have dedicated workshops and teams to manage every step of the process guaranteeing your success.
5.  Ensure that your exhibition contractor has the correct insurance and that they comply with all the relevant health and safety regulations which are required at the exhibition venue.
6.  Does your exhibition stand contractor have enough storage to store your stands when not being used?  By storing stands we can save costs and it allows the style of your stand to be adapted to future needs this saving you costs.
7.  Does your exhibition stand contractor have its own dedicated transport fleet?  If not remember that relying in third party transport companies could easily result in the deadline of getting the stands delivered and installed in time.  At Oakmace we have our own dedicated fleet of transport vehicles and our installation team are highly experienced in working within the tight deadlines needed to build and install exhibitions and so you will have no concerns about some companies who rely upon general transport companies who will not be familiar with the deadlines and special handling required to deliver exhibition stands safely.
8. Does your exhibitions contractor have CAD and rendering services?  By seeing exact renderings of how your exhibition stand is going to look before they are built is important because it means that the design can be tailored to your exact requirements in advance of the stand being built.  At Oakmace we have a high quality CAD exhibition design service using the latest software so we can provide you with exact dimensional drawings and renderings in advance of the stand being built. 
9.  Does your exhibition stand contractor have large enough workshops to assemble and build your stands?  At Oakmace we have large workshops which can handle any size exhibition and so you can view the exhibition stand fully assembled in our workshops in advance of the exhibition.
10. Does your exhibition stand contractor have a dedicated administration team who are experienced in managing all the details in advance planning of an exhibition?  Oakmace has a dedicated team of project managers and support staff so you can relax and know that every detail is taken care of for you so you can relax in confidence that the stand will be delivered on time and to our very high standards and no detail will be overlooked.  
11.  Will your exhibition stand out from your competitors? When we create exhibitions our reknown design and build services are sure to give your stand the WOW factor. Look at the portfolio of stands we have designed and built and testimonials; you will quickly see why we have such a good reputation with the exhibitions industry.  We are delighted to help provided advice early on and so even if you are just at the early stage of planning an exhibition we would recommend that you speak to us now for expert free advice and guidance now.....
Contact us today to find out how we can help you with advice and suggestions!