Exhibition Contractors and Exhibition Stand Contractors in Barnet

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Exhibition Contractors and Exhibition Stand Contractors in Barnet
Exhibition Contractors and Exhibition Stand Contractors in  Barnet
Barnet is known as High Barnet or Chipping Barnet and its an area of North London ten miles friom Charing Cross 
The towns name originates from an ancient settlement called barneto and is thought to be derived from the word Baernet which meant a densely forested area in Old English
The town was the location of the battle of Barnet in 1471 when King Edwards IV army fought with the earl of Warwick during the wars of the roses 
Barnet is one of the most populous areas of the London boroughs with 350000 residents and is predicted to increase to 395000 by 2020
Oakmace Exhibitions is among the United Kingdoms most  experienced Exhibition Contractors and  are based in Essex near Waltham Abbey which is a short drive from Barnet . 
We deliver exhibitions for companies throughout the country  and will offer free and friendly  advice 
As an exhibition contractor we manage every aspect of an exhibition for you  and can take care of the entire management of the project
At our  premises in Essex all exhibitions can be pre built within our buildings  allowing you to  see the exhibition in advance
Our   exhibition contractors use the latest technology and we have our own fleet of vehicles for the transport of exhibitions
The Oakmace exhibition contractors are an experienced team and you have the knowledge that we have carried out hundreds of installations with every one on time and on budget 
Barnet  has a history of entrepreneurialism and enterprise and one fifth of the working population are working in businesses with over 200 employees. Because  25% of the population are employed within the government sector and therefore seen as at a  high risk from cutbacks considerable funding has been put into regenerating the area and its expected that 22000 new jobs will be created