Exhibition Contractors and Exhibition Stand Contractors in Bishops Stortford

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Exhibition Contractors and Exhibition Stand Contractors in Bishops Stortford
Exhibition Contractors and Exhibition Stand Contractors in Bishops Stortford

Bishops Stortford is a small town in East Hertfordshire near the M11  motorway and close to  the London Airport at Stansted. The town is very well situated being only 35 miles from Central London and easy to get to Cambridge on the M11

The town has a population of 38000 and is in an ideal geographic location for industry. 

The origin of the name of   Bishops Stortford is thought to come from the Saxon name "Steort Ford" meaning "tail ford". In 1060 the manor was purchased by the Bishop of London which is when  the "Bishops" part of the name was added 

When the Domesday book was compiled the town had a population of only 120 inhabitants.There is some evidence of the history of the area including the remains of a Norman Fort now known as Waytemore Castle although its only the earthworks that remain 

The town due to its proximity to London was badly affected by the plague in the 16th and 17 century however the town still continued to grow
In 1769 the river Stort was dredged to make it navigable and at the same time became a popular stage coach stop. By 190o the population was 7000 and by 1951 it had risen to 13000. During the second world war many Londoners were evacuated to Bishops Stortford

We are among London's  most  experienced Exhibition Contractors and  are based in Essex near Bishops Stortford. We have undertaken exhibitions for companies at venues throughout Europe   and offer free advice and estimates so why not call us to discuss a project you are considering   
As an exhibition contractor we manage all  aspects of an exhibition and can take care of the entire management of the project including building the stand and transporting to the venue 
With extensive premises in Essex all exhibitions can be pre built within our large  workshops and so you can see the exhibition in advance of the show
As reputable exhibition contractor we use the latest technology and have our own fleet of vehicles for the transport of exhibitions
As experienced exhibition contractors we can ensure that every exhibition that we produce is installed to perfection

We offer many years  of experience and so can assure you  that your exhibition will  run smoothly, but look at  examples of our work and contact us to find out more
With  Oakmace as your exhibition contractor you have the reassurance and peace of mind that you are dealing with experienced exhibition designers who deliver results

We are reputable Exhibition stand contractor and have undertaken  numerous  installations with on time and on budget 
Bishops Stortford is an affluent area with many commuters working in the financial service industries in London. There are many well known and successful companies based in Bishops Stortford and good opportunities within the industrial areas such as at the Haslemere Industrial Estate