Exhibition stand contractor and Exhibition Contractors in Harlow

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Exhibition stand contractor and Exhibition Contractors in Harlow
Exhibition stand contractor and Exhibition Contractors in Harlow
Harlow is a new town in Essex within the Stort Valley. The town is well situated for industry being near the M11 motorway, 30 miles from London and only sixteen miles from Stansted Airport.  Harlow is  a well favoured dormitory town for London Commuters. The population of Harlow is 82745 and has a vibrant business community 

The name Harlow is believed to originate from the Anglo Saxon words "Here" and "Hlaw" which literally means army on the hill. The town was not a large town at all until after the second world was  when it was chosen as a new town and so the are went from a small village to a new town between 1946 and 1956 

There is many well known companies in the are such as GlaxoSmithKline and Nortel. The town has many well designed industrial areas such as the Pinnacles Industrial Estate, Ascent Park, Edinburgh Gate, Cambridge Road and Harlow Mills Business Centre

Oakmace Exhibitions is among the United Kingdoms most  experienced Exhibition Contractors and  are based in Essex near Harlow. We undertake exhibitions for many well known companies throughout England  and will offer  free advice, quotes  and  illustrations  which can show  how your exhibition stand can look 

As an exhibition contractor Oakmace can manage every aspect of an exhibition for customers and offer to  take care of all the  management of the exhibition project if required

With large well equipped  premises in Essex all our exhibitions can be pre built and so you can see your  exhibition stand fully built in advance of the show
We are well known and respected  exhibition contractors and  we use modern technology to offer competitive prices combined with the highest levels of creativity
As experienced exhibition contractors we have an experienced team and can ensure that every exhibition that we produce is installed to perfection
We have decades of experience and so can guarantee that your exhibition runs smoothly, but dont just take our word for it ...look and the examples of our work and we can give you testimonials from our delighted clients
Appointing  Oakmace as your exhibition contractor means you have the reassurance and peace of mind that you are dealing with  exhibition designers with a proven background who know how to get the most return on your investment at  your exhibition

We  are among the most experienced exhibition contractors in Europe and have carried out hundreds of installations with and would be delighted to provide you with testimonials and case studies of projects similar to yours