Exhibition Contractors and Exhibition Stand Contractors in Potters Bar

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Exhibition Contractors and Exhibition Stand Contractors in Potters Bar
Exhibition Contractors and Exhibition Stand Contractors in Potters Bar

Potters Bar is a vibrant Hertfordshire town with a population of 22000 . It has excellent transport links via the adjoining M25 and only 18 miles north of Charing Cross with good railway connections 
The town was originally a small hamlet founded in the early 13th century and scarcely expanded at all until 1850 when the railway was built connecting London and the North to Potters bar 
Very little of Potters Bar historic building have been preserved and less than 3% of   all pre 1914 buildings survive .The oldest building is Wylliotts Barn which is now the Manor House Pub 
The origin of the name Potters bar are unknown but it is generally though that it must have been a Roman Pottery that gave it its name
Because the town is situated on the Great North Road which later became the A1000 the town has become a popular residential area  for both London commuters and local workers because of its ideal position
Oakmace Exhibitions are one of the UK's  most  experienced Exhibition Contractors and  are based in Essex near Waltham Abbey which is close to Potters Bar. 
We  create  exhibitions for many types of businesses  throughout the United Kingdom  and will provide free advice,  estimates and  detailed visuals to customers  
Being  exhibition contractors we take care of  every aspect of your  exhibition project
We have premises in Essex where  exhibitions can be pre assembled letting you view your exhibition in advance of final assembly at a show
As a reliable exhibition contractor we use the latest technology and have our own fleet of vehicles for the transport of exhibitions. We have years of experience and so can promise  that your exhibition runs well we can give you testimonials from our clients
When you have  Oakmace as the exhibition contractors you have the reassurance that you are dealing with experienced exhibition designers who are among the best  in the UK. Oakmace  have over twenty years of experience and have carried out thousands of installations with every one on time and on budget 
There are numerous successful businesses based within the Potters Bar area  and good locations for any business on its industrial parks such as Cranborne Industrial Park,  Station Close, Hatfield Road, Darkes Lane. Among the well known business are Schnieder Electric, Generics and many more